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    Charters, Medical Flights, Cargo, Oil and Gas support, Specialized services and Safaris.

    The company is registered as Nomad Aviation (Pty) Ltd trading as Bay Air Aviation, with administrative offices in the coastal town of Walvis Bay and the operational hub at Eros Airport, Windhoek. Our main objective is to provide the client with the safest and most efficient service possible. We will ensure that the most appropriate aircraft is available, on time and at a cost that you can afford. The company is known to offer charters and scheduled flights, transporting of passengers and freight in Namibia and neighbouring states. See our Projects to date for detailed information.

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    Why Us

    Why Choose Bay Air Aviation?


    Time Management

    We appreciate that in oil prospecting, time literately is money. Consequently, we boast an on-time departure / arrival rate of 96.9%. We offer flexible flights at the earliest possible opportunities, taking the shortest possible time.


    Safety & Security

    We have an outstanding track record of passenger safety through our excellently – maintained fleet. Moreover, our operations are regularly audited to international Oil and Gas Production (OGP) standards. We ensure passenger safety and cargo security. All flight operations are tracked via a state-of-the-art satellite monitoring system aligned to Google Earth.


    Holistic Approach

    We excel at providing flights, for crew changes, through a unique all-in-one approach. By delivering passengers and cargo safely from airports to intermediate changeovers, to drilling sites and back again, we save our clients the financial, administrative and time resources of co-ordinating these in conjunction with different suppliers

    Our Story

    What Makes Us Special?

    • It is an aircraft charter company specializing in scheduled and non-scheduled air transport. The one director, its founding member, has been in business since 1989.
    • Our main objective is to provide the client with the safest and most efficient service possible. We will ensure that the most appropriate aircraft is available, on time and at a that cost you can afford.
    • The company is known to offer charters and schedule flights, transporting of passengers and freight in Namibia and neighbouring states, using light to medium class aircraft.
    • In addition to operating in Namibia the company has completed contract work in Angola, Congo, Niger as well as South Africa using mostly King Air 200’s, Beechcraft 1900’s and Cessna Grand Caravan’s.
    • Bay Air has been operating scheduled air services between Walvis Bay and Windhoek Eros as well as Windhoek and Johannesburg for the past 15 years. To date we have safely transported thousands of passengers on the Walvis Bay – Windhoek Eros route and carried in excess of 5000 tons across borders on our night express schedule.

    Our Vision

    For Bay Air Aviation to grow from its present foundation to become a significant operator in the turbine powered commuter sector of commercial air transport, without geographic limitation, achieving business efficiency and world class standards.

    Our Values

    At Bay Air Aviation, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  We are responsible to our customers, to our passengers, to our employees and their families, to the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve worldwide. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts.  Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we profess.

    To achieve these values, in life as well as in our work we:

    • Maintain complete integrity in all our actions;
    • Believe in the value of relationship, and strive to build these relationships;
    • Assist our employees to achieve their full potential through ongoing edification, training and recognition of exemplary performance;
    • Maintain a participatory environment for all our employees and promote a culture of mutual learning and development;
    • Believe the that people make mistakes and this creates an opportunity for learning and improving what we do;
    • We make factual driven management decisions that will maximise our opportunities and assist us in achieving our mission and advancing towards our vision;
    • Compensate people fairly for their efforts and we meet our obligations promptly
    • Recognise that regulatory processes and procedures are in place for the safe conduct of our operation and we strive to conduct our operations as good neighbours of the communities wherever we go.
    • Are dependable and consistent in what we say and do.
    • Believe that life is to be enjoyed and strive to make the most of the opportunities we have been given.
    • Whilst sharing our passion for flying with our passengers and clients we also maintain a passion for continuous improvement. To this end we have an active programme to continuously improve the safety and quality of our processes, services and advice.

    Our Mission

       We, at Bay Air Aviation, will strive to achieve our vision through:

    • Owning and operating current, turbine powered aircraft that are adequately equipped and deployed in accordance with their capabilities.
    • Maintaining these aircraft to international standards, ultimately by; owning all critical resources required to do so, including all tools, ground support equipment and literature; and by holding sufficient parts to support these aircraft
    • Operating these aircraft in terms of internationally accepted standards by using only trained, competent crews who shall have all knowledge and information required for each flight to be undertaken, and who shall be effectively managed and assisted in their duties in order to identify and mitigate all risks.
    • Co-operative, ethical and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers with open and honest communications.
    • Building a stable team of motivated, committed staff, focused on achieving a common goal.
    • Entrenching a culture of learning and personal development.
    • Financial stability of the operation with realistic gearing and realistic reserves.
    • Ongoing, proactive management involvement with effective oversight of the entire operation to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate record keeping.
    • Continuous improvement through measurement, analysis and review of all aspects of the operation.

    Corporate Commitment

    Bay Air Aviation is committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment wherever we operate – for our people, our customers, our partners and contractors, those we are employed to serve and the public.  Bay Air Aviation is committed to achieve the highest levels of aviation safety performance, to seek zero harm to people, to systematically manage aviation safety matters, to rigorously audit and review the safety implications of all our aviation activities, and to consult with staff and encourage active participation in safety awareness and promotion at all levels.

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